Mahmood Madani Spills Beans On Congress’ Involvement In The 2002 Gujarat Riots
By Harish Sadani
Mahmood Madani, general secretary of the Jamiat-e-Ulama-e-Hind spoke to Navtan Kumar of the Sunday Guardian on how the Congress has taken “Non-Hindus” for granted.
Q: You have said that political parties should go for positive campaigning instead of creating a fear psychosis among the minorities for electoral gains. What do you mean by positive campaign?

A: When I talk about positive campaign, I mean you should tell us what commitments you made and what all you fulfilled. Just take the (Congress’) last election manifesto. You made several promises but how many of them did you fulfil, and how many were left out? You should be able to explain why the promises could not be fulfilled and how you propose to fulfil those promises. If you make promises, and then do not fulfil them, what is the point of making promises?
Q: Can you give examples of promises made by the UPA government that remained unfulfilled?

A: The government had promised reservations to minorities but that has not seen the light of the day. Also, the government has miserably failed in enacting the Communal Violence Bill. The sad part is that there is no discussion on issues and when somebody questions the government about these things, he is branded as pro-Narendra Modi.

Q: The Congress says that you are soft on BJP’s prime ministerial candidate and Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

A: The Congress is not ready to discuss the real issues confronting the minorities. They want to dilute these issues by diverting people’s attention. They are creating a fear psychosis among Muslims. Those like me who question them, are termed pro-Modi. This is an attempt to intimidate those who raise their voices. But I am not going to be scared. They say that I am cosying up with Narendra Modi. But it is the Congress which is “friends” with Modi. I had written a letter to Congress president Sonia Gandhi saying how senior Congress leaders were involved in the post-Godhra riots in 2002. I had given the list of district level senior Congress leaders in Gujarat who were physically involved in the violence. But the Congress did not act on it.
Q: Has the Congress done anything good for the community?
A: Yes, the scholarship scheme for the minorities is a very good step towards empowering them. It is quite successful. But that does not mean I should not question the Congress when it fails to address the concern of the minorities.
Q: Do you think the Congress has been using the minorities as a vote-bank?

A: Yes, but now every political party must remember that Muslims should not be taken for granted anymore. They are not bonded labourers. They should be treated like human beings.

Mahmood Madani Spills Beans On Congress’ Involvement In The 2002 Gujarat Riots