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Divorce Story – Aamir Khan & Reena Dutt
Aamir Khan and Reena Dutt got married in the year 1986. In the film ‘papa kehte hain’, while Aamir was singing and dancing, playing the guitar, Reena was seen cheering him along with the other girls. Both of them were very young then. They married against the wishes of their families. Reena became very close to Aamir`s family and they led a happy married life for about sixteen years with two chidren Junaid and Ira. Unfortunately divorces happen even to the best of couples, as per Debbieaamir-with-family

The couple got separated in 2002, on mutual consent. When they decided to part away, they first explained the situation to their children. Even after ending the marriage, Reena remained close to his family and is often seen in his family occasions. She participates both in the happy as well as in the unhappy moments of the family. She is still very important and holds a vital part of Aamir Khan`s family. According to Aamir, though their relationship has undergone a change, they are divorced from legal point of view, the bond that he shares with Reena will never end up. He still has a lot of love and respect for his ex-wife. Reena will always remain an important part of Aamir`s life. It will not end by signing on the divorce papers. Aamir is still in touch with his ex-wife and involves her in almost all of his family functions. One of Aamir Khan`s sisters is married to Reena Dutt`s brother. They live in New Jersey.


Aamir said that his separation with Reena was a tough decision in both their lives. After their divorce, while Aamir was alone for three to four years, he met Kiran Rao. It was then, that they fell for each other and tied the knot. After several miscarriages, his present wife, Kiran Rao gave birth to a baby boy. As per her wishes, the couple named their son as Azad. Aamir left this decision to Kiran, as she got a baby after struggles. Aamir`s elder son Junaid and daughter Ira are very close to Kiran and her baby, Azad.

In an interview, Aamir Khan said that the three most respected women in his life are his mother, his ex-wife, Reena Dutt and his present wife, Kiran Rao. Immediately, questions were arised as to whether his intimacy with Kiran was the reason for his divorce with Reena. He denied the fact. He carries the pictures in his phone, especially his mom`s. Once, he took his mom to Haj. It was a great experience for them and both Aamir and his mom were very excited.

Junaid, the elder son of Aamir and Reena, is presently assisting Raj Kumar Hirani in the upcoming movie, ‘Peekay’. Aamir Khan and Anushka Sharma will be the lead actors in this movie. According to Aamir, Junaid must act as he wishes to. He will stand beside his son in whatever decision he takes.
There are many insecurities in the actor`s life. This is the reason his family named him captain caution. He is always worried and is cautious about his near and dear ones. Negative thoughts surround his mind. Losing his family members and his loved ones are the biggest fears in his life. He is always cautious about the security of all his loved ones. At the same time, he also has insecurity relating to his work. He thinks that at some point he might lose his job and his creative instincts might go away one day, he might not be aware of it or even might be the last one to know about it. Thus, he takes criticisms seriously. Whenever, he hears something about his work, he takes it up at once to set it proper. He rarely takes his work lightly. He is a hard worker. His family and work hold lot of values in his life. He is a popular actor. But, he never fears of losing stardom. He knows that possibilities of downfall are very well there in regards to his work field, but does not fear about it.

Once a rumour was spread about Aamir Khan and a British Journalist. It was revealed from a magazine that during the shooting of ‘Ghulam’, on the sets he became close to the British Journalist, Jessica Hines. They met here and there, and finally landed in a live-in relationship. In the meantime, Jessica became pregnant with Aamir`s baby. This was the happiest moment in the life of the Journalist. But, this became a nightmare for Jessica when she was asked to abort the baby, by her love, Aamir Khan. She refused to Aamir`s words and gave birth to a baby, boy. So, Aamir ended his relationship with the lady. The baby was named Jaan. Presently, Hines is raising Jaan all alone in London.

During the promotional strategy for his film,’ Talaash’, Aamir Khan shot a special episode, ‘Nayi Soch Ki Talaash Aamir Ke Saath’, with the members of the Star Parivar at Film city, Goregaon. Rani Mukerji played opposite Aamir. He declared that Rani Mukerji is his closest friend of Bollywood. In this show, he gave opportunity to everybody to ask him whatever questions they wanted to. During this, he answered to all the questions relating to his personal inquisitiosns about his divorce with his first love, Reena Dutt and remarriage with Kiran Rao. He answered to most of their queries and satisfied them.

His famous show ‘Satyamev Jayate’, which he hosts, went on well. The second season too has started. It gets great responses from the audiences as well as the television viewers. Meanwhile, his movie ‘Dhoom3’ got released. He was paired opposite Katrina Kaif. Currently, he is working hard for his upcoming movie ‘Peekay’. He will be paired opposite Anushka Sharma. His elder son Junaid is assisting Raj Kumar Hirani in the film. He said that his son is free to take decision of his life. He might go ahead with whatever aspirations he has. Aamir will always be there for his children, present wife and also first wife.

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Divorce Story – Aamir Khan & Reena Dutt
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Divorce Story – Aamir Khan & Reena Dutt
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