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Dur Atma Mohan D Gandhi has written that when his father died and in the night his distant aunt came to see him lastly when Gandhi was running at the age of 16 years, he was in sex on that night when his father died. It has been a subject of thesis that whether Karma Chandra prosecuted for tempering in record in the Nawab kingdom, where he worked, was actually his father or it was Nawab with the mask who made him Barrister.

Kasturba wrote that Gandhi used to ask her to clean the toilet where the English ladies having illicit relationship with Gandhi Used the toilet. This was the torture give to his wife by Gandhi during life time of Kasturba?.
Gandhi wrote that he slept with many English girls during his stay in England and thus he was picked up by A. O Hume the founder of Congress party as play Boy Club from 1985 onwards when Gandhi was 16 years and started illicit relationship and his father died.
Gandhi was brought from South Africa either in 1914-15 and the liberal to Britishers leaders like Surendra Banerjee, Gopal Krishna Gokhale supported his transgression in Hindus leadership with the masks of Muslims supporters and as such Gandhi planted our soldiers as sacrificial Goat by enrolment of army comprising of 1.25 Million armed personal out of 70,000 soldiers approximately died in first war while fighting against German Forces.
Gandhi lost the sympathy from European Nation by classifying Hindus as slave orientation and mean mentality who voluntarily adhered to get subjugated under the Britishers to remain slave for ever, when the voice of swaraj started under leadership of hard core groups of sarcasm Shree Bal Ganga Dhar Tilak, Lala Land Pat Rao, and Bipin Chandra Paul before first world war. World War I.
Our Constitution is the vehicle of progress enumerates their function and demarcates the field of operation. It is not Tyrant seeking endurance of oppressors down trodden.
Non Congress members out of 69 0/0 prior to partition as rest were other members mostly Muslims and Britishers included Dr. Ambedkar, Alladi krisnaswam Ayyer, Hirday Nath Kunjuru, K santhanam, Santhanam (Film actor).
M. R. Jayakar , Bakshi Tek Chand, and Gopalswami Ayyangar . Teg Bahadur Sapru declined to participate due to health reasons. Others Rajagopalaacharya,Radha Krishna,Mrs Sarojini Naidu, K.M.Munshi Shyama Prasad Mukarjee J.B.Kriplani G.B.Pant jagjeevan RAM and sheikh Abdullah
Gandhi wrote in caption of independence in Jan 1922 Young India SWATAJ will not be free gift of British Parliament. It will be a declaration of India’s self expression .That it will be expressed through the act of parliament is true. But it will be merely a courteous ratification of the declared wishes of the people of India.
The oath taken by first Governor General Chakrawarti Raj Gopalswami on 21st June 1948 was thus “I Chakrawarti Raj Gopalswami do it confirmed with full determination that I will remain faithful and diligent toward according to Law to his magesty king George sith and it’s successors and remain always under them with whole dedication. And I Chakrawarti Raj Gopalswami again make it confirm that I will serve with truth towards his Mejesty King George sixth and his successors”
Gyassudin Gazi got arrested to Bahadur Shah Zafar and placed him on foot of Britishers and repercussion, the Muslims determination erupted in order to take revenge from Sahar Kotwal Gyassudin Gazi. Thus his name was converted to Ganga Dhar as his life may be protected. He was given sheltie near Canal of Delhi and thus the Title Nehru was planted upon him. Jawaharlal Nehru (Former Prime Minister of India).
Ganga Dhar became prostitute supplier. He shifted to 77 Meer Ganj Area ,a red Light area. Soon he died in 1860 A.D. Moti Lal became Gardner in the Ishrat Mahal owned by Barrister Mobarak Ali who was Bechlor and Modi Lal daughter Ginni subsequently became Vijay Laxmi Pandit when she became high Commissioner of Britain took over the control up on this Ishrat villah as Mobarak Ali died mysteriously.
Similarly Indira Gandhi was slipped to sexual advances from Shanties Niketan and was expelled from there by Ravindra NATH Tegore. She slipped to Firojabad Jahangir Khan S/ O Nawab Khan. Jahangir Khan.
Nawab Khan was Guicer supplying wine in Ishrat Mahal to Mubarak Ali. He was from Junagarh. Indira Gandhi was eloped to Firojabad Jahangir Khan and became pregnant . Rahul was conceived prior to marriage. Gandhi Suggested for having artificial marriage performed with Firojabad weds Indira with Caumaflage of Hindus and RS. 1 lak offered in lieu there of from Congress funds. The name of Gandi implanted being the name of his parsing Mother. Thus country was decided by Gandhi again. Mahatma Gandhi (Civil rights leader).
Soon firoj and Indira separated. In teen Murti Bhawan one Mohhamad Yunus was planted and assigned as Indian Foreign service officer. This Sanjay Gandhi was born from this gentle man.
Reminsanse of Nehru Age written by M.O. Muthaliya​ private secretary of Nehru, Nehru Dynasty written by K.N.Roy and person passion and politics will prove all such imposture of Muslims orientations of our Gandhi Nehru Nexus.
In liew to conspiracy hatched for assissnation of our beloved prime minister Sri Lal Bahadur Shastri with Ayub president of Pakistan and Indira Gandhi by mother of Sonia Gandhi namely namely Manio of Turin w/o stefin who was right hand of Mussolini, this EU pair vish kanyakumari Namely Edvina Edviz Antonio of Manio having two sister one married to waltor whose name converted by Indira Gandhi as Sonia Gandhi to decisive people, she robbed Nation by puppet posting National Advisory Committee of anti Nationalists forces having idiology of play Boy club and appointments of opportunists on constitutional posts and Caumaflage of Muslims subjugation and abrogation of Hindus through ban of RSS, removal of elected president of Congress Sri Sita RAM Keshari and apartheid treatment to real nationalists Prime Minister Sri Narshimbha Rao, who charge sheeted Sonia Gandhi for her LITTE prabhakaran Link, ultimately lead to murder of her own husband Rajiv Gandhi sending army in Sri Lanka and all this happened in Iron curtain and Bharat was divided in two Domainio as to sub serve the intersection interest of Britishers ruled by King still having control of Commonwealth is made to decisive our citizen.
Misdeeds of Nehru
J.L.Nehru made blunders throughout his life and they are endless but let me put a few for the Hindus and Hindu leaders to pledge once for all to get rid of his denasty which is the nastiest the world has ever seen
[1] The foundation of free India was laid wrongly so what we are building as India since independence is bound to be faulty.
For example he appointed Maulana Azad as education minister of India has ruined the education in India.
[2]He declared ceasefire when Indian Army was advancing and victorious against Pakistan in 1948 turned our victory into worse than defeat and as a result we are suffering and lost onethird of Ksahmir which under the control of enemy called Azad Kashmir.
[3] He gave part of West Bengal to East Pakistan in 1961 .Where was the Parliament and and constitution of India.?
[4]INDIA LOST TIBET TO CHINA UNDER THE EMPTY SLOGANS OF HINDI CHINI BHAI BHAI WHEN Chou en Lai visited India in 1953 later Nehru withdrew India military from Tibet because the Army was there since British Raj.Nehru did this against military advise.
[5] Nehru took the Kashmir issue to UNO WAS A BLUNDER.

The Hindu is certainly not tolerant and is certainly narrow indeed than almost any person in any other country accept the Jew.
The Teen Murti house in New Delhi which was the P.M. residence is a Nehru museum this must be closed and all the articles must either be sold or destroyed and the buiding must be used for national purpose — at Yogesh Saxena General Secretary All india Bar Association.